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PhagenCorp is the newest—and brightest—entry into the phage-biotechnology arena; one that separates itself from other phage-centric research companies by inducing targeted native phages that already reside inside a person’s body, eliminating their host-microbe—and infection—in the process. This novel and patent-pending technology is called Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) and is already demonstrating very exciting results.


In December of 2021, we were excited to present our strong, peer-reviewed, retrospective, proof of concept research of Inducen-LD/RF to the world. In this publication, we demonstrated the apparent rapid elimination of Borrelia strains, using the latest and most sensitive lab testing, coinciding with significant clinical improvements in many participants suffering with previously treatment-resistant Borrelia infections.

To ensure absolute credibility of our innovation, and the industry as a whole, we feel that the completion of the double-blinded, independent research study, and the ongoing independent product research taking place both in the U.S. and Europe, is necessary before the product is released to healthcare practitioners. We apologize for the delay, however our goal is to ensure the highest integrity of the science, and the accuracy of or subsequent modifications of the concepts and representations.

Induced Native Phage Therapy for the Treatment of Lyme Disease and Relapsing Fever: A Retrospective Review of First 14 Months in One Clinic

A Better Solution

Broad-spectrum antibiotics that kill many friendly bacteria and create antibiotic resistance


Laser-specific Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) with no treatment resistance and virtually no side effects


Antibiotics prescribed in the United States per year.

4 out of 5

Americans are prescribed antibiotics each year.


(and counting) non-toxic, laser specific, native phage-inducer medicines researched and developed at PhagenCorp.


potential for healing.

Our Medications

Induced Native Phage Therapy

Through meticulous research and thoughtful innovation, it is our goal to introduce healing medications that bring rapid results with no downside. Our line of INPT products are designed to provide non-invasive, targeted treatments that work to induce commensal phages within the body to rapidly and completely eliminate their unique microbial host, thereby bringing complete resolution of the disease-causing infection.

If the infection is known, the specific INPT phage-inducer can target it without the need of extensive specimen-phage matching or the introduction of externally-sourced, exotic, and/or genetically-manipulated phage-cocktails.

Our Motivation

Our WHY is the Need to Save Lives

PhagenCorp is motivated by the understanding that medicine is losing the the battles and the ongoing war with acute and chronic infections using conventional anti-microbials.

Human suffering pushes us to continuously innovate ways to harness the power of native* phages to help heal humanity.

*Native phages are commensal phages “living” within the virome of the body. Phages greatly outnumber eukaryotic viruses throughout the body, including in the gut, mouth, and skin.

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Are you suffering from an acute or chronic infection, whether bacterial, fungal, or parasitic, that is non-responsive to conventional treatments?

We need your help documenting the science and effectiveness of Induced Native Phage Therapy.

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