PhagenCorp’s Inducen-LDRF formula, available at The Biologix Center, has been validated by an independent research study published recently.

The Study

You can read the study here:

The research study tested the Inducen-LD/RF and Inducen-Res formulations by exposing solutions of each to a complex electromagnetic field. The aim of the study was to determine whether the solutions were imprinted with the electromagnetic field and to detect any changes in the physicochemical state of the solutions. The researchers used spectroscopy to analyze the solutions and compared them to a control solution of the same chemical composition that had not been exposed to the electromagnetic field. The results showed that the imprinted solutions did have unique electromagnetic signatures and that their physicochemical states were different from the control solution. This indicates that the Inducen-LD/RF and Inducen-Res formulations are effective and have stable electromagnetic signatures.

Significance of Research

This conclusion is of key importance because it shows that the electromagnetic signatures are stable in the formulation beyond 24-months, which is the standard minimum shelf-life for any product.

The Inducen-LDRF formula is one of the many tools available in the doctor’s toolbox for healing at The Biologix Center. It is not a standalone treatment for chronic infections or the damage caused by previous failed treatments, but part of a program of care designed to determine everything that has gone wrong in the patient’s body and facilitate correction.

This validation of the Inducen-LDRF formula by an independent research study is a significant milestone for PhagenCorp and The Biologix Center. The study’s results provide scientific evidence for the efficacy and stability of the formula, which can help healthcare professionals make informed decisions about its use in patient care. As the research protocols continue, the formula remains available only at The Biologix Center and is a valuable addition to their range of healing tools.

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